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About Order 66 Revised

January 17, 2020

Warning: Explicit Language. Read with caution.

Shad’s Office~Back in October 2019 I started a mission on my own, but along with RPF as well. I kept hearing awful things about an army called Recon Federation of Club Penguin as well as a guy named Prior Bumble. I didn’t believe them at first, but then I decided to begin this mission. My goal was to find out who Prior Bumble really was. So I decided to join RFCP and get a feel on my own. I saw how they acted on everything and what they said on the main chat. Not gonna lie, I was shocked. They would say disturbing things at first on the main server. Everything Kailey said in her open letter was true regarding the main channels and such. With that said, I don’t exactly need to go over that part. I then decided to play with RFCP a bit and then I noticed that Eva formed an army called PIC. She formed that army and that is when I saw that she became allies with RFCP. I talked to her and we planned out NCPO. She would help me spy on Prior Bumble and get close with him. New Club Penguin Order was originally going to form with ACP, RPF, LGA, and PIC. This was going to happen after PIC made a huge swerve and turn on RFCP after her dispute with ACP.

However, Eva got too close with enemy and fell in love with Prior. That is when things went wrong. I then had to play it out more and decided to take things upon myself. I then became best friends with Prior so I could get more info. I then was going to have Elp become a spy for me, but then realized that after the whole Eva situation, I cant trust anybody. So I took it upon myself.

Once NDA formed I saw how much of a pansies Prior truly was. Rather than acting in conflict they ran from it. They turned Armies into a political movement, or cult if you will, by protesting the CPA League. After realizing that it wasn’t gonna go anywhere they decided to rejoin back. Then, Kailey ended up coming with her open letter document. I will say this, everything in that is mostly true from what I have gathered from my investigation.

Right after all that they tried to make it look like they changed the server and put 18+ protection on almost everything. However, they still do everything in the main channel and don’t hold back on convos. This is where it gets really interesting. Prior and I then talked and he gave me his trust. He made me a Guardian of the server and gave me admin perms. There wasn’t anything in the HCOM chat like i was hoping to find, but I was able to get info for RPF. So I gave Ulti everything and all the plans that RFCP had for the future. Prior then left the community for about a week. This right here is just disturbing because it shows that he made a cult like aspiration for RFCP. For him to return the army had to work together and create Club Penguin Warfare. Which they ended up doing. Eva, didn’t really want to create CPW at first, she was only doing it for Prior. While this was going down, I decided to see what I could do. I tested out seeing if I could get their following and trust. I even resorted to unethical behavior, which I did not like, but I was desperate and pressed on time with Prior being gone. I resorted to talking to the female heads of the army Eva and Sha as well as Phoebe to see if I could change their mind from Prior. It did not work the whole process didnt work. Reason being is because I resorted to seeing if I actually had their trust. I asked Sha for nudes a few times to see if she would tell Prior or not, in which she did.

So then that plan backfired so I joined CPW as admin. I gained Priors ultimate trust with him giving me his phone number. After seeing how he was leading CPW that is when I decided to step down especially with me having to rejoin the marines. I didn’t have much time. So I started my plan on forming NCPO on CPW. I just had to get the ball moving. I had to figure out how I was going to do this. I then saw PCP and PZF move completely over to CPW as well as a few others and that is when now was perfect. Here are my reasons for this strike

First off, I saw that Prior truly doesn’t care for his troops safety. He made a post basically advising his troops to meet up in person calling it “RFCP Meet Up”.

Collision with Real Life: An Interview about RFCP's First Meet Up

This was how my talk with him turned out:

Secondly, Pretzels left CPA due to them being “targeted” for invasions. Because they don’t want to fight the armies like the good ol days of Club Penguin Armies they decide to run from it. Since they want to run from war we will take it to them over at CPW. Plus, it will prove that no matter how many leagues get created, it will not change the fact that RPF, ACP, and HF will always come out on top. Thus proving that the name of a League will not matter. If you want change you have to work more and recruit more.

Last, I am leaving the community after all this and I want Prior’s empire to crumble before I leave. Prior is a toxic individual. In the RFCP Server he has a channel called #a-room where he sexts Eva in front of ALL his troops. This behavior should not be in a Club Penguin Based Server. If you want to do that then create a whole other server for crap like that.

All in all, Armies should be based on Fun and not about Politics. Just because someone invades you doesn’t mean just give up. Put up a fight and have fun while battling the other army. If you lose, then rebuild and take it back from them. Play games with them and earn back the server. Prior has changed the Club Penguin Army sense by creating a toxic environment for everyone by bringing in politics as well inappropriate behavior. Cena views Prior as a mentor thus using his politics as well by running away rather than fighting. Due to all these reasons, this is why I am: Executing Order 66.

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